How To Follow the Money at Nonprofit Organizations (And Why it Matters)

  • Saturday, Sep 24 – 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM PT (21:30 – 22:30 UTC)
  • Not available virtually
  • #ONA22
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Every person has a story – as does every nonprofit and charity in your community. Philanthropy is vast and under-covered, going well beyond Bill Gates and local houses of worship, and shaping healthcare, education, recreation and journalism.

Learn how to follow the money from three very different news organizations, and walk away with the knowledge you need to practice accountability journalism and how to apply it to other beats.

This session is designed for:

  • Journalists who want to understand the impact of nonprofits and donors in their communities
  • Reporters and editors looking for interesting areas to explore and to close gaps in their coverage
  • Product managers interested in content-sharing agreements and available data tools


Emily Schwartz Greco

Sundra Hominik

Glenn Gamboa


Joel Abrams
Director of Digital Strategy and Outreach, The Conversation U.S.