Build a Visual-First Strategy for Immediate Audience Engagement [Midway]

  • Saturday, Sep 24 – 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Location: Santa Anita A-C
  • #ONA22VisualFirst

Photojournalism drives reader engagement. Research shows that on average an audience will read 50% of a story but will look at all photo and video content. In addition, strong photographs have the ability to provide a more holistic view into people's lives evoking connection and an emotional response from the audience. In this session you will learn how to incorporate visuals in a story from start to finish — from hiring a freelancer to placing the images on the page — and how to make the case for investing in visuals. Come prepared to share and discuss ideas or projects that you may be thinking about illustrating visually.

This session is designed for:

  • Editors looking for new ways to approach story development
  • Visual journalists looking for ways to work more effectively with editors and reporters

The ONA Midway is home to curated programming, such as this session, featuring topics at the intersection of tech and media. These sessions highlight topics of importance to the ONA community and feature experts offering perspectives from both inside and outside of the global newsroom. Learn more about how Midway Programming is organized here.


Elodie Mailliet Storm
CEO, CatchLight

Martin do Nascimento
Assistant Photo Editor, CalMatters

Michelle Kanaar
Art Director & Cofounder, Borderless Magazine

Session Audio