The Midway

ONA22 Midway Programming and Start-Up Alley

The Midway has been the future’s lab for journalism at ONA’s annual conference for the last decade, featuring a wide range of companies and media organizations, from established global brands to start-ups, ONA attendees turn to the Midway for opportunities to learn about and try new products, to dive deeper into the tools they already use and bring back fresh ideas to amplify their work.

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Midway Programming

The ONA Midway is home to curated programming featuring topics at the intersection of tech and media. These sessions highlight topics of importance to the ONA community and feature experts offering perspectives from both inside and outside of the global newsroom.

The application deadline for Midway Programming and the Start-Up Alley has passed. Learn about other ways to connect with the ONA22 audience by emailing Hanaa Rifaey.

All confirmed sponsors without a sponsored session/workshop opportunity can pitch session ideas for Midway Programming at ONA22, Sept. 21-24. Each session will be listed on the official ONA22 programming schedule and hosted in person in Los Angeles.

Midway programming has traditionally followed a moderated panel format, structured to engage with the audience. Organizations are can propose any style of session. ONA may combine multiple proposals into one session concept.

Each Midway session will feature at least one person from the proposing group, and may also include representatives from other groups with complimenting backgrounds. If there are other groups you know will be in the Midway (or you think we should reach out to and share information about ONA and the Midway), you are welcome to include that in your pitch application. You are also welcome to co-pitch with another group. When moderators are necessary for the session, ONA will select one from outside of the Midway (feel free to suggest those too!).

ONA attendees view Midway Programming the same as all other programming at the conference. These sessions must be designed to be educational — not advertorial. This is not a pitch. All conference sessions, including Midway Programming, must uphold and further the educational, professional development and diversity goals of ONA22. ONA is committed to being as inclusive as possible in both topics and speakers at our conferences and trainings. We view inclusiveness with a broad lens that encompasses session ideas, geography, gender, race, nationality, professional experience and newcomers to ONA’s conference.

If your session is accepted, all speakers will need to deliver the programming in person in L.A. There will not be a livestream available for Midway Programming. All speakers must have ONA22 badges; acceptance for this programming does not include a complimentary ONA22 badge.

To help you prepare your pitch, please check out the following:
Considerations for Developing Your Midway Session Proposal
Questions You Might Have

Start-Up Alley

The Start-Up Alley is part of the ONA22 Midway, a futures lab for tomorrow’s journalism, bringing together the best thinking in the media technology, tools and workforce space.

Your start-up exists because you wanted to disrupt the ecosystem. That’s why ONA is interested in introducing you to our global community of digital journalists. We are looking for innovative tools that can help elevate the online media space. We want people confident in what they have created and excited to demonstrate it in interactive ways.

ONA defines start-ups as ventures that have not been operating for more than 24 months and we offer those groups a deeply discounted rate to support participation at our annual conference. Start-ups are allowed to participate in the Start-Up Alley a maximum of two times.

The application deadline for Midway Programming and the Start-Up Alley has passed. Learn about other ways to connect with the ONA22 audience by emailing Hanaa Rifaey.

Learn more about the ONA22 Start-Up Alley.

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