Building an Independent, Yet Interdependent, News Ecosystem [Midway]

  • Thursday, Sep 22 – 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Location: Santa Anita A-C
  • #ONA22Ecosystem

When it comes to independent journalism, what does it mean to actually do things differently? How can we build an indie news ecosystem that is more trustworthy, responsible and equitable? In this panel, industry ecosystem players and indie news publishers will discuss how we can build media that meets community needs through collaboration, mutual awareness and collective accountability.

This session is designed for:

  • Journalists-entrepreneurs who have launched their own outlet
  • Journalists that are considering launching their own outlet
  • Publishers that are looking for ways to contribute to a more trustworthy, responsible and equitable news ecosystem

The ONA Midway is home to curated programming, such as this session, featuring topics at the intersection of tech and media. These sessions highlight topics of importance to the ONA community and feature experts offering perspectives from both inside and outside of the global newsroom. Learn more about how Midway Programming is organized here.


Erin Millar
CEO & Co-Founder, Indiegraf

Ryan Sorrell
Founder & Publisher, The Kansas City Defender

Annelise Pierce
Founder & Community Reporter, Shasta Scout

Duc Luu
Director of Sustainability Initiatives/Journalism, Knight Foundation


Gabe Schneider
Co-editor & Co-founder, The Objective

Session Audio