Luncheon — Democracy in the Digital Age: Engaging Citizens Byte by Byte

  • Friday, Sep 23 – 1 PM – 2 PM PT (20 – 21 UTC)
  • Not available virtually
  • #ONA22
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In countries across the world, democracy is backsliding as citizens react to the huge gap between democratic ideals, and how the system works in practice and affects their lives and livelihoods. Authoritarian leaders are stepping in to fill the gap, further eroding the democratic promise. Meet two social innovators—from the U.S. and Brazil—who are leveraging digital tools to safeguard democracy and engage citizens. Using modern technology, they arm citizens with transparent and accurate information and provide clear avenues to engage in and shape political systems —whether at the ballot box or on the street.

With the hotly contested 2022 U.S. midterms and Brazilian general election just around the corner, hear fresh takes on how digital technologies can combat misinformation and awaken democratic activity.

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This session is designed for:

  • Reporters and editors covering election security and general politics/election beat, including tech beat reporters, Latin America & U.S. foreign policy journalists and opinions writers


Tiana Epps-Johnson

Alessandra Orofino