Why attend ONA22

There’s no better place than the Online News Association’s annual conference to learn about the latest digital trends, test new tools and connect with other leaders in journalism to discuss common challenges. We’re committed to continuing that tradition — bringing together the brightest minds in digital journalism to share innovative ideas and imagine what’s possible for the future. Learn more about the conference and our history.

Reasons to experience ONA22

Stay on top of current trends

Our conference is known for collecting best practices and strategic research on media trends all in one place.

Improve your work

We have an incredible cross-section of smart problem-solvers that will help you level up your work.

Experience immediate benefits

More than 90% of participants say they apply something they learn at our conference within 30 days of returning to work.

Resources Galore

We aim to provide actionable takeaways from every conversation, as well as slides, documents, and video archives so you can keep learning beyond the conference.

Get inspired

Some discussions may prompt you to think about an ongoing problem in a new light and others may just give you that next big moonshot idea.

Get efficient

Discover tools and workflow tips that will help you get your work done smarter and more efficiently so you can focus on those big-picture needs.

Get recognized

ONA22 is a chance for you and your organization to show everyone — including talented recruits — what contributions you’re making to the field by presenting or hosting a peer meetup.

Find focus

With plenty of career development opportunities, our conference can help you set your personal and professional priorities for the next year.

Build your cohort

Find like-minded folks to kick around ideas and problem-solve common issues together. On average, ONA attendees report creating 4-6 lasting connections at every conference they attend.

Launch a collaboration

Whether people were launching a formal partnership or creating an ongoing working group, some of the best collaborative efforts in journalism have their roots in our annual conference.

Access a rich archive

We compile recordings and resources for most sessions, which registered attendees can access through at least the remainder of 2022. Keep learning beyond the conference, catch up on sessions you missed or replay insightful moments.

Save money

Thanks to our incredible sponsors, there’s no more efficient way to collectively achieve everything listed above. We’ve got it all, in one virtual environment, distilled into four days.

What Attendees Say


“I always have at least one jaw-drop moment at ONA where I learn one ‘big’ thing that was worth the price of admission all by itself. [The conference] did not disappoint, but it came with plenty of smaller jaw-drop moments to cement the trend.”
– Journalist

“Especially after 18 months of working remotely, ONA felt even more like ‘being with my people’ than usual. Aside from all the fantastic sessions, insights, and networking, there was a layer of feeling connected that I really hadn’t anticipated or realised I desperately needed.”
– Senior Editorial Manager

“As an entry-level reporter straight out of school, I found it exciting to speak to peers (especially represented in the volunteer corps) as well as more experienced professionals at sessions and mingling events.”
– Early career professional

“The amazing combination of level-headedness and optimism that I haven’t experienced in the news in a while.”
– Journalist

“The conference is inclusive, fun, and informative. I most enjoy the mix of programming, from research-based sessions to hands-on workshops.”
– Educator

“Positive vibe toward change, openness about discussing issues, access to people who are at the forefront of the evolution of online news.”


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