Make Your Newsletters Sustainable Revenue Builders [Midway]

  • Thursday, Sep 22 – 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Location: Santa Anita A-C
  • #ONA22Newsletters

As the data, privacy, and advertising landscapes shift, owning your audience relationship directly is more important than ever. Many publishers are using email newsletters as a valuable channel for recurring engagement and deeper relationships — and for new sources of revenue, both from advertising and membership.

Rebekah Monson and Chris Sopher have spent a decade in email content, strategy, and technology, as co-founders of WhereBy.Us and Letterhead.

Ryan Sager and Jesse Watkins have helped newsletter publishers sell millions of dollars in direct-sold email advertising, including as the co-founders of Who Sponsors Stuff.

This session will teach you how to get the maximum return from your newsletter — both in terms of revenue and audience growth and engagement. You’ll learn how to land your first sponsorship or your four-hundredth. And you’ll learn everything it takes to cut through the noise of an overflowing inbox to deliver must-read news to your audience.

Turn your newsletter into a revenue-and-growth-driving juggernaut.

This session is designed for:

  • Publishers looking to grow revenue from newsletters
  • News organizations looking to grow their audience on email
  • Journalists thinking of going it alone with an independent newsletter

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Rebekah Monson
Co-founder and COO, Letterhead

Christopher Sopher

Ryan Sager
Co-Founder, Who Sponsors Stuff

Jesse Watkins
Co-Founder, Who Sponsors Stuff

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