We're All Visual Journalists Now: Skilling Up for Multimedia Storytelling, From Social and Video to Data Visualization

  • Wednesday, Sep 21 – 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Location: Beverly
  • #ONA22

This session is brought to you by Canva

From video and social posts to interactive data stories, the modern newsroom is an increasingly visual place – and journalists comfortable in this multimedia landscape are in extremely high demand.

But how can non-specialist journalists break into visual storytelling? What tools are available? And where to start?

This session surveys the scene and does a deep dive on two of the leading tools in visual journalism: Canva, which is transforming newsroom workflows from social to video, podcasts to newsletters; and Flourish, widely used globally for data visualization and interactive content.

Unmissable for any journalist who wants to not only to survive, but thrive, in the visual media landscape.

This session is designed for:

  • Journalists looking for ways to successfully pair compelling visuals with credible editorial content to increase audience attention.
  • Entire teams looking to develop visual content at speed, ease and with brand consistency.
  • Technologists wanting to stand out in a hyper-competitive landscape and interested in learning more about easy-to-use and off-the-shelf tools.


Jonathan Harley
Head of Global Strategic Partnerships, Canva
@jharleyausVisit Website

Duncan Clark
Co-Founder of Flourish & Head of Visualization at Canva, Flourish

Sam Koslowski
Co-Founder, The Daily Aus
@sam_koslowskiVisit Website

Luisa Bider
Head of Content at Flourish, Flourish

Elizabeth Shell
Creative Director for Audience, USA Today
@elizabeth_shellVisit Website


Diana Abeleven
Strategic Partnerships Manager, Canva

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