Jean Friedman-Rudovsky

  • Co-Executive Director
  • Resolve Philly

Jean Friedman-Rudovsky is a Philadelphia native and believes strongly in journalism’s vital role in creating an equitable and just society. She and Cassie Haynes co-founded Resolve Philadelphia in 2018 with the conviction that the media industry needs to be more rooted in community voice and solutions in order to solve entrenched social and economic problems. Jean was the project editor of The Reentry Project, Resolve’s 2017 pilot initiative, and is an internationally recognized expert on collaborative journalism and a force for solutions journalism in Philadelphia and around the country. In her time as Resolve’s co-Executive Director, she’s become a passionate evangelist for shared-leadership and an eager builder of equitable organizational systems for Resolve and others. Prior to Resolve, Jean was an award-winning freelance journalist, having spent a decade reporting from the Global South and specializing in longform investigative and solutions pieces. She’s a Vice Magazine contributing editor and has been published in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Bloomberg Businessweek, among others.