How the Content Authenticity Initiative Combats Digital Mis/Disinformation

  • Thursday, Sep 22 – 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
  • Location: Beverly
  • #ONA22

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In 2019, Adobe, the New York Times and Twitter established the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to develop the open-source industry standard for establishing the provenance of digital file types, a valuable tool in the fight against the mis/disinformation challenging the news industry and the public’s trust in what is authentic. Today, the CAI community of 800+ members includes major media and technology companies such as AFP, AP, Reuters, BBC, DPA, Washington Post, WSJ, Getty Images, and others, as well as Microsoft, Arm, Qualcomm, Nikon and more. The CAI community is rapidly developing and implementing practical tools to show news consumers where digital content originates and what changes are made to it along its journey from creation, through editing and on to publication.

Santiago Lyon, an award-winning conflict photographer and former longtime AP Vice President will, in his role as CAI Head of Advocacy & Education, lead this informative conversation, guiding attendees to understand CAI’s digital content provenance technology and approach and how they can join the fast-growing CAI community.

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Santiago Lyon
Head of Advocacy & Education, Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative

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